Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bankruptcy Today for Retirement Tomorrow

bankruptcy retirement planningMost people plan to retire when they reach a certain age, and leave the stress of working everyday behind.  Retirement brings with it its own stresses.  Especially if you have not saved adequately to support your lifestyle.  Saving for retirement in today's economy may seem like an enormous obstacle.

People who are making their monthly payments, but have nothing left to put aside for retirement are some of the best candidates for bankruptcy.  Not putting money away for retirement now can lead to poor living conditions later in life or becoming a financial burden on your family.  The amount of money a family spends on just the minimum payments toward their credit cards, could instead be used to put quite a bit of money away for retirement.  Retirement savings, no matter the amount, can help ease the financial burden of getting older.  Retirement savings is next to impossible for people struggling with credit card debt.  Bankruptcy can help people start planning for the future instead of simply living paycheck to paycheck. 

Experienced bankruptcy attorneys can always go over all your options with you to determine if bankruptcy is the right path for you.  I urge everyone to look at their finances and if you simply cannot save any money for the future I urge you to contact a bankruptcy attorney today.  Filing bankruptcy to prepare for life down the road is not being financially irresponsible.  I argue that by planning for the future you are being financially savvy, and trying to correct a situation that could affect your quality of life in your later years. 

Alternatively one of the worst mistakes I see people make when they come into my office is throwing good money after bad debt.  I see so many people who have tried to dig out of their debt to no avail by emptying their 401k accounts.  These accounts are completely protected from creditors, and should not be used to pay current creditors.  Do not leverage your future for a short term solution today.

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